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Shamanic Womancraft by
Shamanic Doula Bronte


Shamanic Womancraft is the practice of the women’s mysteries.  It is the art of midwifing transformation and holding space for women to be empowered through the rites of passage in life.  These are the shamanic journeys of our rites of passage of menarche, childbirth, and menopause; 
the spiritual practice of menstruation; the inner, spiritual and shamanic journey of
 pregnancy, birth and mothering; and menopause as rebirth.

I offer my services and support for the healing power of the woman’s mysteries and to reawaken
 feminine power for the benefit of all.


Sylvia Mather

Mama to Maximilian & Raphael

Lizzy is one of the most caring and nurturing people I know. Meeting Lizzy, for me, it just clicked. After a few minutes of talking to her, I knew that she was the right person to support me to bring my babies into this world.


She has been there for the birth of both of my children and I could have not asked for a better support person. She intuitively knows exactly what you need and what is right and wrong for you and is doing everything in her power to provide you with the birth environment that is most beneficial for you and your needs. Throughout the whole process, I felt heard, understood, nurtured, held, and supported. I can not highly recommend Lizzy as a Doula and personally think that everyone who can be in her presence during this intense but beautiful time of their lives is very lucky indeed.

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