A little about the healing shed ...

It's a pleasure to connect with you here.


I'm a mother, fully qualified naturopath, shamanic midwife, doula and an intuitive healer. I call this practice Shamanic Womancraft and have over 20 years experience to share.

My healing is interwoven with plant and earth based medicines, intuitive healing and associated energetic medicines; delivering a wholesome, high vibrational experience. I'm deeply passionate about your treatment being just right for you, whilst empowering your inner self to reconnect to your innate ability to heal.

My treatments are based on your individual needs and focus on the feminine. With that in mind, I advocate the wholesome integration of feminine, masculine and family energies. 


Womb clearing, preparations for birth, post natal healing and healing from traumatic birth experiences are all part of the healing shed's magic.


I love working with my clients, young and old, in my beautiful space known as 'the healing shed' in Sydney, Australia.

Have a wonderful day.


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