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Elizabeth Anne Criner
Shamanic Doula Bronte

I am a fully qualified naturopath, doula, birth attendant and an intuitive healer. I call this practice Shamanic Womancraft and have over 20 years experience (including 12 years of birthing experience) to share. My healing practice is interwoven with plant and earth-based medicines, intuitive healing, sound healing, ancestral healing and associated energetic medicines.  I offer individual healing sessions that are a wholesome, high vibrational experience allowing you to feel deeply supported and relaxed.  These sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs and may include deep process work, womb clearing, ancestral healing, sound healing, shamanic drum journeying, ritual and ceremony. I am passionate about your treatment being just right for you, whilst empowering your inner self to reconnect with your innate ability to heal.


Womb clearing, preparation for birth, post natal healing and healing from traumatic birth experiences or miscarriages are all part of the magic of my sessions.  I also support anyone who is going through major life transitions and in need of clearing and support.


I offer Doula Packages for women looking for support during pregnancy and birth. I facilitate Shamanic Doula Trainings for women looking to work with women during pregnancy and birth, as well as individual mentorship programs for women needing support in finding their path in this practice of Shamanic Womancraft.

Shamanic Doula Bronte

Shamanic Womancraft

Womb Healing

Inner Dimensions of Pregnancy & Birth

Doula & Birth Support Training

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Chiron Healing

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