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The Shamanic Doula supports and holds space for women to find the skills and abilities within themselves that are needed to midwife transformation within and for others on their journey.


“The greatest privilege of a human life is to become a midwife to the awakening of the Soul in another person.”  ~ Plato


The word "doula" comes from ancient Greek, meaning "a woman who serves." Today, "doula" refers to a professional trained to provide emotional, physical and informational support to women throughout their pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum period. 

In our culture today, Midwifery is the practice, art and science of being a midwife.  To midwife is also to facilitate, to assist someone’s learning through the Maieutic method (later called the Socratic method), this means to help and to guide the person to discover their own inner knowing through asking questions and ‘holding the space’ for them to travel within to do this.


The role of Midwives today has become more focused on the medical care provided to the woman during birth, and less about the emotional and spiritual process of pregnancy and birth.  In the last decade, this has created an opening and a need for women to feel more emotionally and spiritually supported during pregnancy and birth.  It is from this need of women wanting both medical care and continuity of care that the practice of being a Doula has emerged as a popular choice for many woman today.

This Shamanic Doula Training offers the opportunity for women to find within themselves the skills and abilities needed to midwife transformation for others on their journeys.  The purpose of this training is to support each woman in the process of creating her own unique offering.  Over 10 moons you will each create, gestate, nurture and finally birth your work into the world.  As a group we will hold space and “doula” each other through our fears and blockages and support one another to birth our work into the world and be able to receive financial support in exchange for the work we do.


This training will enable you to move into a number of roles in supporting women around pregnancy, birth and mothering.  Each of us has our unique power and magic that we bring to the work we do and my intention is to support you in understanding, articulating and valuing what you have to offer.  From this training you may choose to practice as a Doula, offer courses for women during pregnancy, create preparation for birth workshops, post partum support packages, facilitate mothers support circles, create online learning or support for pregnancy and birth, create a book, food for woman after birth packages, the list is endless!


Shamanic is the key word in this training that is different from other doula courses available at the moment.  I am interested in helping you understand the inner dimensions of pregnancy, birth and mothering and how you can support women to use this time in their life as the empowering transformational opportunity that is.

The Shamanic Journey is an inner journey.


Shamanic describes the inner and outer, multi dimensional spaces (called the lower, middle and upper worlds) that exist within and around us. The worlds or realms of the shaman are both actual and metaphoric and are accessible by everyone.


As a woman journeys through her life, she encounters many shamanic journeys. These are the opportunities for transformation and development of her being.  Menstruation, pregnancy, birth, and menopause are all shamanic journeys. Birth and death are shamanic journeys, open to the portal of transformation. Processing and healing from grief and loss is also a shamanic inner journey.

During pregnancy and birth a woman travels deeply into her inner world, which reflects the landscape of the shamanic realms. She meets her fears, her obstacles and her deep inner knowing in her lower world, she plays out different stories in her life in her middle world, and she meets her extraordinary strength, wisdom and guidance available to her in her upper world.


The shamanic doula must be comfortable and experienced with the landscapes and possibilities of the shamanic journey in order to be ‘with woman’ in her inner and outer worlds. In our high-tech world where menstruation is barely honoured, where maternity care is highly interventionist and based on fear and risk, where menopause is avoided with drugs, the inner world and journey of a woman is usually not taken into consideration. This is a missed opportunity for deeper self-awareness and healing and often creates wounds.


The shamanic doula can best facilitate a woman’s journey through her pregnancy and birth by holding her intact, seeing her as a whole complex being on her life journey, and helping herself to do the same.  Our role is to hold space for the woman to see the relevance of what happens in her life and in her birth experience and to assist her in finding the lessons and gifts from the situations that are arrising.


The shamanic doula is best equipped to help the woman in this way if she has in turn brought this same level of consciousness to her own experiences. Working from the premise of “Healer Heal Thyself”, the shamanic doula must be present to her own journey, attending to her own practice of self-awareness and be connected with the energy of the Earth and the wisdom of the cycles.


So, if you feel the calling to be part of a supportive circle of women walking the same path, or if you feel uncertain about your work but you know you would like to support women around pregnancy and birth, or if you have been waiting for years for me to get organized and offer this Doula training, please be in touch and we can chat!

"Birth is not only about making babies.  Birth is about making mothers ~ strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and their inner strength"  - Barbara Katz Rothman

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Please contact me if you would like to make a booking or for more information.  I am happy to answer any questions in person and see how I may be able to assist you on your journey.