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Alex Power

Alex Power has studied with Mystics and Shamans around the world. She is certified in a myriad of modalities from both local and international Masters and Practitioners.


Alex works with you on your birth or postpartum journey to help you acknowledge the parts of you that need healing, so you don’t take them to your children and can be the most whole, centred, joyful and happy woman possible. Having grown up with a single mother- Alex can hold space for single women in the mother journey, through the birth and beyond.

Alex has an amazing ability to guide you intuitively to what you need to address in your life.  She does not shy away from the truth and will assist you in looking more deeply into the areas of your life that may need your attention for healing.

Kundillini Yoga and Meditiation Teacher

Certified Wellness Coach

Reiki Practitioner

Angel Therapist

Mayan Abdominal Massage

Inner Dance Practitioner

Tantric Healing

Shamanic Healing Massage

Shamanic Doula Practitioner

Bachelor of Psycology

Alex Power
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