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The Doula Collective




2 hours


We will gather on the first Sunday of each month to create a Doula Collective. We will discuss ways to support each other and the Doula community, upcoming ideas and projects, and all things Doula. We will support one another to be our best for the women birthing in our community and share what we have learned from our Doula practise so it can serve other Doula's and birthing women. We will discuss and create ways in which we can support the women we are working with to have better and better birth outcomes and how best to support women to feel empowered through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood. We will support one another in a collective way so that as Doula's we can also feel supported and nourished to continue our work in a sustainable way as we serve women, families, children, our community and our earth. Blessed Be.

Your Instructor

Elizabeth Criner

Elizabeth Criner

I offer my services and support for the healing power of the woman’s mysteries and to reawaken
 feminine power for the benefit of all.

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