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Pregnancy & Birth Services


$3200 - $4800


10 moons



The birth of your child is one of the most important moments in your life. Making sure that you are well informed and feel properly supported are key components of a positive birth experience. Depending on your chosen place of birth, I offer a range of care options to suit your needs. I am available to work at home or in a hospital setting and have over 12 years of experience working with women in birth. I would be happy to discuss your different birth options when we meet in person. Everyone is unique and we will create an individual care plan to suit your personal preferences.

BASIC BIRTH SUPPORT  $3200 2 prenatal visits in my clinic or your home.

Access to books and resources to assist in preparation for birth.

On call support from 38 weeks. ​ Unlimited support during labour and birth.

2 postnatal visits at home or in hospital.


Up to 4 prenatal visits usually in your home covering birth preparation, writing your birth plan, desires, and fears around birth, the role of a doula and how your partner can best support you in labour (massage techniques, positions, acupressure, etc), Shamanic Womb Healing Session to assist in clearing any fears or traumas and help prepare you for an empowered birth experience.

Full naturopathic support to assist you with your health and nutrition during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. This includes herbal teas and tonics for preparation for birth and postpartum recovery.

Access to books and resources to assist in preparation for birth.

On-call support from 38 weeks (via SMS, phone, or email - 24/7 if you have worries or concerns any time of the day or night).

Unlimited support during labour and birth, including a personalised pain relief program that includes the loan of a tense machine.

Up to 4 postnatal visits at home or in hospital consisting of debriefing the birth experience.

My homemade postnatal healing herbal package, individually designed to support the mothers healing after birth.


I am available to meet with you for extra visits during your pregnancy in the lead up to the birth if you require them. Topics we might explore during these visits may be creating your birth plan, preparation for labour and birth (addressing specific concerns or issues), nutritional support for pre / post birth and labour, sibling preparation for labour, birth and the newborn, postnatal recovery and sexuality and possible placenta options. You may also wish to spend more time getting to know me in preparation for the intimate experience of us sharing your labour and birth experience together.


I am available to offer in-home support after birth to help settle into the routine after birth and support the mother with her healing process, breastfeeding, settling and sleep support for newborn, care of siblings, debriefing the birth experience and post natal healing sessions.


I provide a number of payment options including upfront payment, half payment at the first session and second half payment at our final meeting, or a range of payment options if needed. Please speak to me in person regarding your preferred payment method and I will always try to accommodate your individual needs.

Your Instructor

Elizabeth Criner

Elizabeth Criner

I offer my services and support for the healing power of the woman’s mysteries and to reawaken
 feminine power for the benefit of all.

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