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Healing Support




1.5 hours



Sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs and may include deep

process work, womb clearing, healing from previous traumatic birth

experiences, ancestral healing, sound healing, shamanic drum journeying,

ritual and ceremony. 

If you are pregnant, we will focus on clearing the way for birth

and creating a strong connection between you and your baby, releasing fears

and empowering you for the journey of labour, birth and motherhood.

If you are healing after miscarriage, we will support your energetic and physical healing and focus on bringing you back into your body and releasing grief and clearing your womb for future pregnancies.

If you are wanting to be pregnant, we will focus on clearing past chords of energy from your womb space and assist you in raising your vibration to call in the soul of your baby.

If you are going through any major life transitions and in need of support during big times of change, this session will support you in letting go of anything that no longer serves you and support you in coming into your whole self so you can process the learning available to you during times of great change in your life.

All in all, these individual healing sessions are an opportunity to connect with your higher self and feel deeply supported to take the next steps in your soul journey.

They are a wonderful gift to yourself, or someone in your life that you love that may be needing that little bit of extra support.  Gift vouchers are available in my online shop for anyone interested.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions about what is involved in these healing session and I will be happy to elaborate further on any of the information given here.

Your Instructor

Elizabeth Criner

Elizabeth Criner

I offer my services and support for the healing power of the woman’s mysteries and to reawaken
 feminine power for the benefit of all.

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