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Drum Making Workshop




1 weekend


This is a weekend immersed deeply in nature. It will calm your nervous system and recconnect you to your intuition and deep inner knowing. It will connect you to your wise shamanic self that is naturally in alignment with your truth.

The creation of your Shamanic Medicine Drum is a beautiful journey of healing and self discovery. Your drum will be a healing tool for you to use in your everyday life to assist you in your healing practise, to support in you in connecting more deeply to your intuition and inner knowing and to remind you that you are supported by the unseen energies all around you. You can use your Medicine Drum for yourself, your family or in your healing practise. It supports you in connecting with your guilds and ancestors and is a beautiful way of bringing shamanic practises into your daily life.

During the process of creating and birthing your drum you will use your own birth story as a map to learn and understand how you do the creative process in your life and how this can assist you in your healing journey.

This experience will remind you that everything you need exists within you in each moment if you can go within, relax and trust the flow of life. It will reconnect your innate wisdom and teach you that you can heal yourslf.

Your Instructor

Elizabeth Criner

Elizabeth Criner

I offer my services and support for the healing power of the woman’s mysteries and to reawaken
 feminine power for the benefit of all.

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